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Research Enquires

Our Archivists were kept very busy during 2020, answering enquiries. We answer enquiries in the order we receive them so it is worthwhile sending in your enquiry sooner rather than later, to get a place in the queue. Most documents were not created with the intention of making life easy for researchers. Generally, keeping records was “yet another job to be done”, whether in building an 18th Century full-rigged frigate, or ironclad warship to the boredom of a garrison posting in 19th Century. With the closure of the dockyard in 1926, the arrival of newly formed No 210 Squadron brought a fresh out look to the Pembroke Dock area. Maritime operations by RAF Coastal Command units would continue for roughly 30 years, which meant mounts of records, whether an individual on the ground based staff or aircrew flying ops. Plus, each flying boat had a record too.

Depending on the complexity of the enquiry and the availability of volunteers, it may take some time to construct a response.

  1. Only enquire about those associated with Pembroke Dock.
  2. Tell us what you already know. It will be a waste of time for us and a disappointment for you if we supply information you knew but failed to tell us. Please err on the side of telling us too much rather than too little.
  3. Be specific in your enquiry.

Staff will seek, in dealing with the enquiry, to provide complete and accurate information. However, the information can only reflect what is found out, which may be incomplete or non-existent.


Research fees are not charged at present but PDHC would be sincerely grateful for donations which are used to fund the conservation and maintenance of the museum and its archives.

Please email any research enquiries to

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Pembroke Dock Heritage Centre, Royal Dockyard Chapel, Meyrick Owen Way, Pembroke Dock, SA72 6WS



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