Online Digital Archives - NEW!

We are pleased to announce that we now have two on-line digital archives, available to members of the public to view free of charge*.

The Pembroke Dock Heritage Trust – Oral History Channel.

This channel is hosted by ‘YouTube’ and includes a selection of our oral history collection. These are interviews with Pembroke Dock citizens and service people who served at Royal Air Force Pembroke Dock. These interviews were recorded between 2005 and 2014.

Click on the link below to visit the site…

The Pembroke Dock Heritage Trust Flickr Site.

The Pembroke Dock Heritage Trust has a large collection of digital images, many scanned from personal photographs which have been donated to the Trust over a period of many years. A small selection of these images, featuring school photographs, local history and the Royal Air Force Flying boat service are hosted by ‘Flickr’.

Click on the link below to visit the site…

*Both You Tube and Flickr may require you to log on with a valid e-mail to view our albums. This is part of their terms and conditions which are outside our control.


The Heritage Centre’s collections have mainly come to us through donations by members of the public, and include a wide range of items. This includes uniforms, medals and military memorabilia, as well as documents, ephemera and photographs. The collection also includes aircraft parts such as those recovered from the wreckage of Sunderland T9044, which sank in the Milford Haven waterway in 1940. Other aspects of the collection include everything from paintings and decorative arts to machinery and tools.

Responsibility for the cataloguing and care of the collections falls to the Pembroke Dock Heritage Trustees, but much of the day to day work is carried out by volunteers.

Donating to us

We are incredibly grateful to those who wish to donate items to be held in our collections.

Please note that we don’t usually accept items on long-term loan, and we can’t accept items with specific conditions attached. We also cannot guarantee that every item donated to us will feature in our permanent displays. There may be other reasons why we cannot accept an item, but in those circumstances we will do our best to suggest other possible recipients for your donation.

If you would like to donate, please give as much information about the object as you can including a detailed description relating to the object and any of the people who owned or used it, and a photograph.

To arrange an appointment concerning donating an object, please contact us by email:

Because of the voluntary nature of our collections team, we may not be able to reply immediately. We will respond as soon as possible.


From time to time, it is necessary for us to remove items from our collection, and dispose of them appropriately. This is done in line with best practice within the museum sector, according to the Collections Trust guidelines and the Museums Association Code of Ethics among other considerations. The decision to dispose of an object is never taken lightly, and is only done with the best interests of the object(s) in questions and the collection as a whole.

We would never dispose of any item that had been given to the Heritage Centre on loan. If we chose to dispose of an item that has been gifted to us, we would always do our best to contact the donor or the family of the donor first, to ensure that they do not wish to have the object(s) returned prior to seeking other means of disposal.

If you have any questions or concerns about this, please contact us by email:

Historic or collections-based enquiries

Many people are interested in using our collections, including the books, documents and photographs for research. Whether you are interested in researching family or local history, or if you have any other sort of research project, please click here.

We cannot give advice on items for sale or provide valuations. We also cannot authenticate objects.

Because of the voluntary nature of our collections team, we may not be able to reply immediately. We will respond as soon as possible.

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